Farel Dalrymple Interview

Six years ago a friend loaned me a graphic novel called Pop Gun War and my mind was blown. I looked up the creator and was excited to find that Farel Dalrymple was from my home state of Oklahoma. I also found that he often worked for Marvel and I went right out and found a handful of issues with his work so that I could pour over their pages. Recently Farel was here in Oklahoma at Atomik Pop promoting his wonderful new book The Wrenchies, which I cannot recommend enough, check it out! I got to meet the man himself, and along with ReadBrave's very own Cory, we excitedly discussed many things with him. Afterwards I realized we should have interviewed him for the site, fortunately he was kind enough to answer a few questions online. Here is a brief interview with:

Vinton- What got you interested in making comics?
Farel- Reading newspaper comics, marvel comics, and christian archie (spire) comics as a youngster spawned an obsession of the medium in me that i haven't been able to shake.

V- You previously told me that the film Over the Edge inspired parts of The Wrenchies, what are some other things that have inspired your comics?
F- So much stuff but a few major things are:
Moebius and the airtight garage
Dave Cooper’s now out of print book, Dan and Larry
The Warriors
old Doctor Who and The Prisoner episodes
Nausicaa- the manga
Akira- the manga
No. 5 by taiyo matsumoto -manga
the directorial work of Werner Herzog and Wes Anderson
Robert Cormier’s the Chocolate War -prose
The comic book work of Tom Herpich, Brandon Graham, Sammy Harkham, James Jean, Nicholas Decrecy, Gipi, and too many others.

V- What advice would you give to people who want to create comics of their own?
F- Just make time to work on your own comic. and whenever you have any spare moments besides that. And beyond that just think about your comic all the time.

V- Do you have any recommendations (films, books, comics, etc.) for our readers?
F- Any of that stuff i just mentioned.I also really like the work of director Jeff Nichols who did the movies: Mud, Take Shelter, and Shotgun Stories.
Beautiful Darkness by Fabien Vehlmann and Kerascoët
Lose by Michale Deforge
anything by Simon Hanselmann
This One Summer by the Tamakis
How To Be Happy by Eleanor Davis

V- Anything else you would like to say?
F- There is a Matt Sheehan story, “Settlers” in an anthology called  Time Capsule 2 by Peow! such a great story, the art is beautiful and the sweet and simple story I found to be utterly sublime.

Find Farel at fareldalrymple.com and get The Wrenchies on Amazon
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