The Gritty Side of Comic Book TV Adaptation

Whether you still watch it or not, we all have to admit, AMC's adaptation of the Walking Dead has paved the way for us to see more than just family fun, lighthearted super hero stories brought from the comics to your home screen. This past week we were introduced to two new television shows based off comics that are NOT meant for children.

  • STORY BY Garth Ennis
  • ART BY Steve Dillon
  • publishervertigo
  • adapted byseth rogen
  • airs on amc
PREACHER is a classic at this point. The Vertigo series ran 66 issues (plus 5 specials and a 4-issue miniseries) and is beloved by many. Trying to tell someone about it is nearly impossible, seriously, watch the behind the scenes video where they ask the cast and crew to try. Let's just say, a southern preacher with a dark past, a possession and a humorous vampire are involved. Admittedly it has been seven years since I finished this comic, so it's not quite fresh in my mind. I do think they did a great job adapting it in the first episode, while it is clear they are changing some things, they are definitely keeping the spirit alive. Preacher blends horror and humor very well, while never taking you out of the story and the show reflects this perfectly. They've already shown me that they are willing to go dark and weird like the comic, but I still wonder if they will have to skip over some of the darkest parts of the series. From what I've heard Seth Rogen fought hard for this to be adapted and he's not willing to let the adaptation go astray. Episode one can be watched for free on, Amazon and iTunes. And on a bonus note, check out the parody trailer where Seth Rogen plays all the roles.


  • STORY BY Robert Kirkman
  • ART BY Paul Azaceta
  • ADAPTED BYrobert kirkman
  • AIRS ONCinemax
OUTCAST is a newer on-going comic, published by Image Comics that debuted mid 2014, from the same writer that brought you The Walking Dead. The series is a supernatural horror story that focuses on Kyle Barnes, a man with a history of people he loves being possessed. Kyle, with the help of the local Reverend, tries to unravel the mystery of the possessions going on in town, while delving into Kyle's own past and searching for why he seems to be at the center of it all. I read the first issue of this right before watching the premiere of the show and I immediately finished the first volume when the episode ended. The show is nearly a scene for scene retelling of the comic and that actually works very well in this case. The first episode can be watched for free on youtube.

If you have no aversion to the dark side of comics and religiously themed horror, I highly suggest both of these comics and when you've read them, I highly suggest you watch the pilot episodes of both these shows (hey, they're both free right now.) I should say, you don't need to read them to enjoy the shows, I watched both with people who hadn't read the comics and they loved the shows. That being said, these types of shows like to cater to the comic fans here and there and you will catch more references having read them. I can't wait to see where both these shows are going. In our binge watching day and age, I feel the temporary absence of their second episodes deep in my gut. I could go on, but I have to go re-read Preacher now, bye!

You can buy the first volumes of Preacher and Outcast now on Amazon:


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