X-Men: Apocalypse

  • Based on X-Men by Stan Lee,  Jack Kirby
  • Apocalypse created by
    Louise Simonson
  • ADAPTED BYBryan Singer
  • cinematic franchise by 20th century fox

X-MEN: APOCALYPSE was not perfect. It was not a perfect adaptation of the source material and it was not a perfect "summer blockbuster." But perfection is a lot to ask for and if you expect it, 99.9% of the time you will be disappointed. I went into this film with a low bar. We've seen the worst the X-men has to offer cinematically in the past and early reviews were not very positive here. I did get some glimmer of hope that the film would at least be enjoyable from friends who saw it early on, but I would not let my heart truly believe this film would be anything more than just "fun," if even that.
I went in ready to be angered. I left full of joy.

Apocalypse was a very fun film that built off the last two films in the franchise very well, while bringing in new elements from the comics in fresh ways. Their new character designs offer a beautiful nod to the eighties in general, but especially in the case of one mohawk clad goddess, a specific nod to the eighties source material. The eighties were arguably the best period of time for X-Men related comics, so making this adaptation a period piece was pure genius.
As a life long X-Men fan, I easily looked past the flaws and spent most of the film in a nostalgic, awe-like excitement. It was everything that 8 year old me could want. And it did exactly what a good adaptation should, it gave me a desire to return to the source material. I have never wanted to revisit the old X-Men comics more, especially the iconic work of Louise Simonson. I have hope for the future of the X-films, I hope they branch out, taking notes from Gaurdians of the Galaxy and Deadpool. I want to see all of the weird teams that branch out of the X-Men. (Come on DOOP!)
- signed a surprised and overjoyed X-fan

P.S.- I recently read that the Russo brothers greatly desire getting Wolverine into the MCU. While I love Wolverine, I can't help but agree with so many others who groan at his over saturation. That being said, if they could make a deal for Wolverine, I imagine the rest of the X-Men would follow and I would be X-static (See what I did there?) to see my Marvel universe pieced back together at long last.
P.P.S.- Fox if you ruin the New Mutants film, I will move to Canada, destroy everything you love, or some other generic angry promise no one ever goes through with.

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