Meet Everyone

Cory Lee Douglas Castoe is a librarian, the best husband on the planet, and a kick ass dad to 3 kids. If he could give you any life advice it would definitely be to be more adventurous. 

You can read more about the driving force that is Cory here, where he answered questions straight from Seventeen Magazine: Cory Lee Douglas Castoe

Scout Castoe is doing her best to grow comfortable with the idea of calling herself a writer. She and Cory have 3 kids together and call Oklahoma their forever home. She loves reading comic books, young adult fiction, and has been consumed lately by Outlander.

Find Scout's personal blog here: Hi Hello Scout. (Warning about her personal blog: She likes to curse and talk about personal adult things.)

Vinton J. Bayne is an Oklahoma writer and photographer and owner/operator of the Graphomania Podcast Network who has an unhealthy obsession with comic books and loves weird fiction. He is married to the beautiful artist, Tessa Raven.

Find Vinton here: Vinton J Bayne and his beautiful wife Tessa here: Tessa Raven Art.

Devon Green is a reader before anything else. She was told by her mom at a young age that reading "would keep her from ever being bored or lonely" and this adage has proved true time and time again. An intrepid adventurer, she loves any book that she can get lost in. She does believe, like Borges, that "heaven to be some kind of library." 

She's a hardcore detective novel junkie, and will go to the mat for Stephen King. She's especially fond of the Dark Tower series, and believes that books are essentially ideas - the best ones are those that change you. 

She's a certifiable word nerd, and enjoys writing even to do it professionally here and there. Tell her a great yarn and she's grateful, tell her a great story that changes her, she's yours.

Meg believes all stories are real. If fiction has the power to impact "real life," then who's to say it's really fiction at all? Anyway, reading just about runs Meg's life. When she's not reading, she writes for work. Meg wrote this bio even though it is hard for her to speak in the third person.

Brisa Silva is a respectable, upstanding government employee and parent to three lovable pups. She also happens to be happily mired in the world of young adult fiction. She loves to read about everything that makes the genre cliche and wonderful, including dystopian futures, first loves, and the occasional vampire and/or witch coven. Brisa was that girl in your elementary school class whose nose was stuck in a book, blocking out the rest of the rambunctious classroom during free time. She's still that girl.